Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Simlar, but EXACTLY the Fucking Same

I saw "Where The Wild Things Are" last Friday. I adore that film on so many different levels. Particularly, that it was made within the studio system.

The previews before the movie were kind of interesting. Most were geared towards kids. Very G-rated stuff. It made me think that advertisers didn't know who this movie was really for. Anyway --

-- One of these trailers was for THE SPY NEXT DOOR --

-- which reminded me of THE PACIFIER --


I mean type font and coloring is damn near identical. Not to mention the voiceover narration is almost exactly the same script.

The family has to have a pet. But it can't just be any sterotypical pet. One has a duck. The other, a pig.

I mean, seriously... Did it not occur to anyone that these were the same exact idea? And if it did, don't you think you'd want to accentuate the differences as much as possible?

I want to meet the exec that greenlit this. I want to know what was going through his head. Did he think it was just a stellar script? Or did they just need a vehicle for Jackie Chan?

Of all the movies to rip-off, there are much, much, MUCH better ones.