Monday, November 5, 2007

Picket Lines are Forming.

Here's a neat little short that boils down a lot of the issues and reasons for the strike.

The short glosses over the internet issues. It isn't simply about Internet residuals.

The Internet has already changed what content looks like, helps support alternative formats to television, and is itself a very cheap and effective tool in distribution.

Nielson ratings have changed to take a % of internet views into account. This means that advertisers are already paying a pricetag that reflects a partial Internet distribution of any of your favorite shows.

The world is changing. And mass media is at the forefront.

Writers are the engines that keep content running. Highly skilled writers are the ones keeping the quality of shows you see on television at an all time high.

The internet has brought the viewing public and those creating the content something completely new. A new contract should reflect these changes, in all their intricacies.

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