Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Critics of Critics

From the box office numbers, I'm guessing you've all seen Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

Just to throw it out there, I was disappointed. But it's just a movie.

I discovered something new. Something, that maybe has been there all along, but I just noticed.

All over Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, people lambaste critics for giving reviews that are in direct opposition to their own viewpoint. I'm not sure I understand the point.

The overwhelming majority of reviews I read off Rotten Tomatoes are slightly different variations on the same comments and criticism, with a few extremists on either end. Like the Olympics, you gotta throw out the low Russian score and the high US score.

What I find particularly fascinating is the complete lack of empathy the average internet user has.

Is this a mark of the times?

Or have people always been like this? Just the internet is giving us privy to the sorted details we never really wanted to know.

Well, now I'm fascinated. I want to know.

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