Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preacher Resurrected

Good news indeed.

And who is attached to direct? None other than --


PREACHER was originally set up to be an ongoing series at HBO. I still think this would have been the best choice for the Garth Ennis comic, as some of the plot turns really need the luxury of being able to build over a season or two.

That aside -- There isn't a better director on this planet to do this movie than Sam Mendes.

It seems everyone involved is interested in putting PREACHER on the big or small screen as it was intended to be. Dark, gritty, brutal -- and sometimes funny. Even HBO's dismissal of the project arose because of the dark nature of the content.

I think the biggest fear for fans is the potentially crappy PG-13 version if push came to shove over dropping the rating. With Sam Mendes on board, it's a safe bet, that we the fans are going to get the best big screen adaptation possible.

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Marty said...

I guess the only "better news" would be to have written the script yourself.