Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Response - The Recycle Bin

I'm not sure, how tactful it is to post a personalized response to an email about the topic. If there are any objections from the concerned parties, I'll pull it.

But for now...

ICM Story Editor and writer of The Inside Pitch, Christopher Lockhart, kindly replied to my inquiry with the following:

Often the secret ot succes is finding a premise that worked once before and offering up a modern spin. The difference here is that the protagonist (anti-hero) is responsible for putting the girl into prostitution - where the Taxi Driver was an outside observer.

On the other hand, the use of the words "mean streets" is coincidental, since the log line was written by neither the author of the script nor the producers.

Interesting. Enlightening... And now I have even more questions.

Guess, I have to track down the script (somehow) and read it.

P.S. I left the typo "ot" in the message because I was unsure if he meant "to" or "of." Both work, but I don't want to change someone else's words.

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