Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hollywood is the Simon Cowell of Screenwriting

It's American Idol time again.

Talk about a great hook. The auditions really are the best part of the show. It's, what, season 6..? And people are STILL showing up, unable to sing, forgetting the words, leaving in tears, surprised Simon tells them they suck.

I mean... it's hilarious. But for some reason, this year, I can barely watch. It's sad, really. Don't these people get it?

SIMON: What am I supposed to say?
GIRL: I'm unique!
SIMON: It was one of the strangest auditions I've heard in my life.

And Simon is 100% correct. If only these people could take an objective look outside of themselves they would see how bad they are. Or how little place they have dealing with mainstream audiences. They wouldn't fall back on poor excuses. I can do it, I'm just nervous. All my friends tell me I'm good. I put in all this time writing... er... um, I mean, American Idol... singers... crushed dreams... uh, yeah.


Maybe I do understand. Maybe a little too well.

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chris soth said...

Ouch. Yes.