Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of The Union

Isn't it strange when your life takes big turns? Things start happening faster and projects you're half way through just seem to have no life. You can't find the energy or sheer will power to finish them. And probably, rightly so.

There's a pile of new and fresh ideas that you've been dying to dive into, but for some reason are on the backburner. For some reason, these are always the projects you "really" want to do, but for some reason the others have priority in your mind.

I recently realized that I shy away from my favorite genres. Genres I know inside and out. Genres I dream about. Genres that tell the types of stories "I really want to tell." I find myself thinking... not even able to voice to loved ones... just thinking... that one day when I get something picked up, then I'll be able to write those. Kinda sad, really.

Why is it I shy away from the very genres that I go to the movies to see, but also WANT to write?

My favorite genres are Action and Adventure. No not, Action/Adventure. Two separate genres. And I like them for their purity.

For me, the Action genre is defined by two movies:

DIE HARD marks the beginning. TRUE LIES marks the end.

DIE HARD is the pinnacle of the Action genre at its simplest and TRUE LIES is at its most complex. Plots any simplier than DIE HARD seem to be lacking. Plots any more complicated than TRUE LIES sacrifice action. Both movies make the family relationship integral to the plot, but DIE HARD skims the surface for simplicity, while TRUE LIES takes it head on and actually makes the family relationship hold bigger stakes than the threat of terrorists with nuclear weapons. In essence, they are the same movie, only complete opposites.

I hold them in high regard. And that's the problem. I don't think I can top them. So, I don't try. Instead I spend as much energy as possible, avoiding this genre. Trying to do something "new" simply by not doing what I am best suited for. And I think that is a grave mistake. I obviously love these films for a reason.

For this year's screenwriting State of the Union, I promise to write only what I want to write. Not what I THINK I want to write.

I will force myself to no longer be afraid of great movies.

I am going to write what inspires me. If my goal is to write truly memorable films, which it is, than I can not be afraid to take my idols head on. To dethrone them. Or at least try to with every ounce of my being.

The freedom of writing without fear!
The ability to write unhindered without the interference of that oh so logical brain!
To cut through to the emotional core of a story!
And a piece of masking tape for every feline!


oneslackmartian said...

saw a great quote the other day:

"Write what excites you."

which seems so simple yet so true

Emily Blake said...

A lot of times I find that the things I'm the most afraid of end up bring the things I most enjoy doing. Once you break through that fear it's never as difficult as you told yourself it would be.

Anonymous said...

everyone says I am hilarious, LOL is the most overused comment when speaking with me, I was the class clown... then how come I don't write comedy? I have no idea